RIDROSH Renewable Energy
Dawn to Dusk Hybrid Energy 

From 1 kilo watts to 10 kilo watts They are useful for Domestic, Agricultural, Colleges,Schools, Apartments,fisheries and Small Industries. 

MOEL:RIDA 1.5 KV Hybrid (Solar & Wind)



Operation data,Rated power :1. KW 

Cut - in wind peed  :2.5 Meters/Sec

Rated wind speed :8 Meters/ Sec

Cut out wind speed :15 Meters/Sec

Survival wind speed :30 Meters/Sec

Yaw control :By passive Tail Vane

Over speed control :Auto furling / Dump load control

Rotor data No of blades :3

Blade designs NACA profiles Diameter :1.8 Meters

Swept area :2.54Meters sq

Pitch type Fixed Blade materialFiberglass - reinforced poxy Hub mounting Rigid Direction of rotation Clock wise

Rotor rated speed :400 r.p.m

Rotor axis height (roof top) std ;6 Meters

Alternator Permanent magnet variable power type

Rated power 1.kw

Peak power Rated speed 375 r.p.m

Generation -60 V 0-60 HZ 3 phase A.C

Couplingn Direct coupling

Charge controller 3 ph A C input -24 V D C out put 

250 wartts X 2 = 500  watts Solar panel, Invertor 1.5 Kv with  out  batteries

On  Grid / Off Grid 

** All  Taxes tranport are Payable